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Monday, September 18, 2017

Could choline deficiency go with TMAU ?

A new paper seemed to show that MICE that had a gut flora rich in tma-producing bacteria were prone to having BLOOD CHOLINE DEFICIENCY, and exhibited symptoms associated with choline deficiency.

It raises the questions :
1. If a human with TMAU1 or TMAU2 (before diagnosis) is prone to develop long-term choline deficiency due to TMA bacteria 'eating' the choline.
2. If someone then follows the low choline diet protocol is choline deficient, or even moreso.    

Choline plasma testing should be part of a TMAU 'profile' test, but it seems choline blood testing is a very difficult test to find from a health testing service, if at all.
It was only recently upgraded to an 'essential' nutrient, but still seems to be largely ignored despite known to be crucial for pregnant women, but probably still underestimated for everyone.

Some roles choline plays :
1. It is a main 'lipotropic' factor for the liver, in essence being a fat decongestant. Perhaps someday it will be regarded a factor in 'non-alcoholic fatty liver', or perhaps TMAU people are prone to NAFLD.
2. It is a main methyl donor.
3. It has an important role in the brain.

What the study did :
The study seemed to put 'gut-sterile' mice in 2 groups. 1 group was given  tma-producing bacteria. Group 2 was given the same bacteria that had been genetically altered to not 'cleave' choline into tma.
It seems group 1 developed choline deficiency symptoms, while Group 2 did not.

Human TMAU - Choline dilemma :
There must be some thought that this might be true for TMAU humans too.
Only a choline blood test could probably confirm this, but is currently difficult to access.

Any form of choline less suitable for gut bacteria ?
The ordinary form of choline seems to be ideal for tma-bacteria.
There has been some 'talk' that perhaps choline in the form phosphatidylcholine (PPC) is harder for some types of gut bacteria to break down, but nothing can be confirmed of this.
Lecithin is mainly PPC (and less expensive than pure PPC), but lecithin contains other things (perhaps normal choline ?).

Choline testing campaign :
Ultimately probably the best option would be a campaign to access the choline blood/plasma test. Since none of the main test labs seem to test for it, it's hard to know where to look.

One common test that may be of some use is a liver untrasound. This may show some signs of FLD. But it seems FLD may be common in Westerners due to the diet etc (just that for most it won't get so bad as to give symptoms).
It would be interesting to see if non/symptomatic NAFLD was a pattern in TMAU.

Interventions to stop gut-flora altering choline :
In the paper they use sterile mice and give group 2 a bacteria modified to not have the choline-tma enzyme.
In humans probably the best option will be Hazen/Cleveland/P&G microbe tma-blocker that is currently being researched (release date unknown) as this will simply block the formation of tma in the gut.

2017 Paper : Choline in mice

wikipedia :

Pauling Institute : Choline

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Support Rare Disease Research Tax Reform

MEBO is one of the 140 organizations that signed the letter bellow addressed to congressional representatives asking that drug companies who invest in drug research for rare diseases, receive a tax credit in an effort to promote investment in rare disease research.
This is a very important initiative by the National Organization of Rare Diseases (NORD) that MEBO is an organization member of. We appreciate this effort, and hope that as our Congress draws up new tax reform proposals, they will consider the need for research into rare diseases.

As NORD explains to us,

Why is the ODTC Important for Rare Diseases?
Without the ODTC, one third fewer orphan drugs would be developed going forward.

The ODTC allows drug manufacturers to claim a tax credit of 50 percent of the qualified costs of clinical research and drug testing of orphan drugs (drugs for diseases affecting 200,000 Americans or fewer). The ODTC is part of a package of provisions enacted in 1983 in the Orphan Drug Act (ODA) that provides incentives for drug companies to develop products for rare diseases. This legislation has been extremely successful.

In the decade before the ODA, only 10 medicines were developed by industry for rare diseases. Since 1983, however, more than 3,500 potential treatments have been designated as an orphan drug, and more than 500 orphan therapies have been approved by FDA. This is a direct result of the incentives provided by the ODA, including the tax credit.

Please contact your Representatives and Senators stating the same. Feel free to copy and paste this letter, sign and send it to them and to those mentioned on the letters. Link to find out how to contact your representative:

U.S. House of Representatives:

U.S. Senate:
Click on Find Your Senator box

Below is the copy of the letter with a list of all the signatories:


María de la Torre
Founder and Executive Director

A Public Charity
MEBO's Blog (English)
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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

2 Recommended Blogs on Body & Breath Odor Conditions

There are 2 very interesting blogs that present very good information on the latest research studies and other interesting theories and information on the causes and management of body odor, halitosis, and bromhidrosis conditions. I enjoy reading them, and after corresponding with some of the authors, especially of the authors of the Systemic Body Odor Blog, with whom I have worked for almost 10 years on the MEBO Mission, I can say that I wholeheartedly trust their good intentions for the well being of all sufferers.

Body Odor Research Blog

The Body Odor Research Blog, written by a group of researchers interested in this filed. At this time, this blog addresses the following topics :

Systemic Body Odor Blog

The second blog I recommend to readers is the Systemic Body Odor Blog. This blog is written by a long-time 'bowel body odor' sufferer who has helped me create MEBO Research and develop MEBO test and research programs. There are times that he wishes to present his very interesting views, some of which he hopes will be researched someday, or further researched. He therefore presents his theories forward, which may be independent of MEBO's, yet his efforts are strongly supported by me. I personally am a very strong supporter of his keen intelligence and knowledge of systemic body odor and halitosis.


María de la Torre
Founder and Executive Director

A Public Charity
MEBO's Blog (English)
El Blog de MEBO (español)
MEBO Brasil - Blog (Portuguese)

SUPPORT THE MEBO MISSION: Click Amazon button at right sidebar of this blog when shopping online for the holidays
at no extra cost to you.
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