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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tester 8 results : MeBO-Biolab gut dysbiosis study

Tester 8
Mid 20's
Odor problem:
Systemic body odor. strong sudden sulphur odor, no physical feeling of having passed wind, no other physical sensation, just a sudden smell. Often experienced in social situations, around alot of people, situations where I am nervous/anxious/ had a lack of sleep/ situations where adrenalin is involved... For 3.5 years
Gut problems
Bloating, Constipation
Other problems
IBS, Eczema, Peanut Allergy
Trimethylaminurianot tested

Results :
Tester 8
Gut FermentationHigh Ethanol 120 (under 22 is normal. Indicates small intestine yeast overgrowth.)
mebo body odor study gut fermentation tester 8
Gut permeabilityNo result yet

IndicansPositive, indicating alteration of tryptophan by gut bacteria
mebo body odor study indican tester 8
D-lactate15 (Normal under 60)
mebo body odor study d lactate tester 8
Vitamin B2
1.56 (Deficient) : normal is less than 1.2
mebo body odor study vit B2 tester 8

The results of tester 8 in the MeBO-Biolab gut-dysbiosis study have been returned (apart from the gut permeability test result), and once again it shows a fairly high level of ethanol (in relative terms), indicating yeast fermentation in the small intestine. Indicans was also positive, which indicates alteration of tryptophan by gut bacteria, and is a crude and inexpensive test, and can imply a putrefaction action by gut bacteria (A doctor's explanation of the indican urine test). This is the 3rd positive for indicans in our study. Tester 8 is our 3rd tester since vitamin B2 was added to the survey, and once again had a deficiency as the previous 2 had. D-lactate was normal again, with only tester 2 being abnormal (possibly since they were taking probiotics at the time).

Again, we cannot say these results prove anything, and are just a limited snapshot of how testing can possibly show best what is going on in people with systemic body odor or halitosis complaints. However, hopefully they are a foundation to work on, in trying to define systemic body odor/halitosis disorders.

Anyone wishing to do the study can fill out the MeBO-Biolab body odor/halitosis gut dysbiosis survey and the process will begin. Unfortunately those overseas from the UK seemingly cannot do the vitamin B2 or d-lactate test, since the sample will likely be spoilt in transit. Testers need to pay for their own tests.

The results of tester 9 are also back and will be posted soon next week, along with the updated table of all results.


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