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"Microbial Basis of Systemic Malodor and PATM Conditions (PATM)"

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Regular readers will know that Dr Stan Hazen et al at Cleveland Clinic are developing a TMA-blocker pill, as they proposed in a 2011 paper that TMAO is a factor in CVD. Recently Dr Hazen and colleagues contacted MEBO as they have always thought they could also help with TMAU. This survey is to give them an idea of the 'state of the community'. It is a "version 1". They may not even look (though they have access permission), but it could be useful to give them an overview of the community

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

MeBO-Biolab gut dysbiosis study : Results for volunteer 12

It has been over a year since we last had a volunteer for our MeBO-Biolab (London) Gut Dysbiosis Study, but we are happy to give the results of volunteer number 12 for the study. The study was MeBO's first attempt to proactively kickstart insight into the causes of systemic body odor and halitosis. The tests chosen were greatly restricted due to lack of funds (each volunteer having to pay their own testing) and limited to the choice of tests Biolab has on offer. Of Biolab's tests, it was decided to choose the tests below which cover small intestine fungal overgrowth and 'leaky gut', as well as some biomarkers for bacteria gut overgrowth (but not the hydrogen-methane breath test) and testing B2 levels, since it is necessary for FMO3 to be function.

It must be pointed out that the tests chosen may not have anything to do with the causes of the person's odor problem and cost to the volunteer was a major factor, as well as choice of tests on offer from Biolab, though many feel they also have a 'gut dysbiosis' issue that may play some role in their odor problem. At this point, we cannot say if this is correct or not, with probably genetics being the main factor in most but not all cases.

Here are the results of Tester 12:

Tester 12
Male, late 30's
Odor problem:
Body odor problem for over 20 years. Feels it causes allergic reaction in others
Gut problems
Constipation. Undigested food in stools
Other problems
Nail fungus. Athlete's foot
Negative urine test

Results :
Tester 12
Gut Fermentation
Ethanol raised : 134 (normal less than 22)
Implies fungal overgrowth in small intestine

Gut permeability
Raised (after 242)


96 (normal was previously below 60 but is now below 100)
Vitamin B2
1.23 (Borderline)

A Summary of the full results of the testers can be seen on this page :
MeBO-Biolab body odor/halitosis gut dysbiosis study : summary of results

So far there does seem to be a trend of 'yeast overgrowth' and 'leaky gut', as well as B2 supplies being on the  lower side. Anyone wishing to be part of the study can fill in the form below. Please note the lab is in London and it is probably best that those wishing to partake be from the UK or nearby countries. For the gut fermrentation test it is probably best the person attends the lab rather than try to find a helpful Dr.

MeBO-Biolab body odor/halitosis gut dysbiosis request form

Comments about tester 12 results

Tester 12 like many of the others seems to have a yeast overgrowth issue and a leaky gut. His ethanol is quite high, which is presumed to be produced by yeast ovegrowth in the small intestine. His gut permeability test also goes high after molecule of size 242, indicating large molecules can get through the gut lining. So far, these 2 results have been quite common in our study.

B2 is at borderline level (B2 being needed for proper FMO3 function). Tester 12 was normal for the TMAU urine test (not done in this study). Indicans was normal. D-lactate was relatively high compared to others in the study. Biolab have raised their 'normal' upper limit from <60 to <100, so perhaps it is worth considering the d-lactate level in this case. This D-lactate is produced by lactic acid bacteria in the gut, and is different from the lactic acid produced in muscles.


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